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Our Group

Dekko Group comprises 11 operating companies in six business sectors that cover Food & Beverage, Export Oriented Readymade Garments, Garments Accessories, Textiles, Paints and Information Technology. Late Mr. Ishaque, one of the pioneering entrepreneurs of the country envisioned today's Dekko Group in the early 1950s, when manufacturing something locally was very difficult due to inadequate infrastructure and small size of the market flooded by finished products from the Western part of the country.

Members of Dekko Group share a set of core values – integrity, transparency, excellence, leadership and responsibility. Together, these values constitute the Group's belief since 1950's and continue to guide the group's member companies. Dekko has earned respect and trust both in home and abroad for allegiance to business ethics and commitment.


Dekko's destiny with thread and needle dates back to the early 80's when Bangladesh made a thumping entry in garment
Garments Accessories
Dekko Group started manufacturing and exporting garments at a time when most of the accessories were to be imported,
Food requires the premium degree of all in quality. Since quality has all along been our obsession,
Getting a quality consumable at the doorstep, at an affordable price, has all along been a consumer's prejudice. Agami
What Dekko Group is of today lends its attributes to Roxy Paints. More than 50 years from now the founder of the Group